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Protecting Our Trails

Land use is a pressing and confusing topic we are taking a pro-active and informative approach with!

We are here to explain, in plain terms, what the land use process is, how you can get involved, and how to make a substantiative comment!

Please be aware, this is our understanding of the Travel Management Process. We thank our relationships with various agencies and organizations to compile this interpretation of the process. As we continue to learn, expect modifications and updates to our presentations.

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MWRA goal is to gather a robust inventory of public lands in Idaho and Oregon so we have a thorough inventory during future scoping and inventory with our agency partners.

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The government land agency management plan is a complicated and confusing topic. We are doing our best to clarify the Travel Management Process.

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We review the NEPA register on a weekly basis to monitor for projects that may impact recreation in Idaho and Oregon. We do our best to summarize them into an easily understood format. We will also send email for action related to these projects.

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We provide links to our sources of information for your review. We are trying to make it easy for you to confirm our understanding and interpretation of the TMP process.

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