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Land Use Information

The topic of land use is confusing and multifaceted. At initial review, it appears each agency has their own process; however, NEPA requires they follow the same process. How they arrive at the NEPA process is slightly different. Our presentations should be considered general information.

Press Releases.jpg

Travel Management Plan Process

Mountain West Recreation Alliance compares the Travel Management Planning process to writing a paper for school.

What is MWRA Doing to Keep Trails Open?

We talk about ways Mountain West Recreation Alliance is helping to keep trails open and add new full size trails!

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What You Can Do Today

Kristina Schmid, vice-president of Mountain West Recreation Alliance, talks about what recreationists can do to keep trails open!

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Writing a Comment that COUNTS!

Mountain West Recreation Alliance breaks down valid points that will help keep trails open!


Mountain West Recreation Alliance does not have formal education on land use regulations and laws. This is information we have learned from reliable partners and organizations. It is a compilation of information based on our understanding from valued resources. Any information in these presentations or on our website should not be considered legally binding.

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