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What Can Recreationists Do TODAY?

Recreationists need to record their travels on trails. 

Mountain West Recreation Alliance has relationships with various BLM offices, Idaho Parks & Recreation, Forest Collaboratives and more. We are asking motorized trail riders to submit their GPX tracks, photos and brief narrative of your exploration. This will provide inventory to submit to agencies when a travel management plan is started for the area you ride in.

Rate the Level of Trail Difficulty
Easy - Most Vehicles and Drivers Could ParticipateEasy - High Clearance or 4WD is HelpfulModerate - 4WD, High Clearance, and Skill Required due to Unavoidable Obsticals on TrailModerate to Challenging - Additional Specialize Equipment and/or Skills RequiredChallenging - High Level of Expertise Required
Upload Route

Thank you for helping protect our public lands!

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