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Current Management Plans

This is a list of the current management plan on Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming public lands. This is a constantly evolving list and we do our best to maintain accuracy. Please be sure to note the last updated date on the page. We try to update weekly.

Last updated: June 23, 2024

Southern Oregon Updates -

BLM Press ReleaseBLM seeks input on proposed management updates in southern Oregon | Bureau of Land Management

NEPA Page: EplanningUi (

Area: Lake County

South of Bend to southern state line

Step: Scoping & Inventory

What YOU Can Do: Connect with Michael Collins at 541-947-6112 to ask how to submit your GPX tracks in this area. Written comments may be submitted via the “Participate Now” option from the NEPA page.

Lava Ridge Wind Project - between Shoshone & Twin Falls

BLM Press ReleaseEplanningUi (

NEPA Page: Not available

Area: To the east between Shoshone and Twin Falls

Step: Public Review and Comment Period

What YOU Can Do: This is close to complete.

Caldwell Canyon Revised Mine & Reclamation Plan EIS 

BLM Press Release

NEPA Page: EplanningUi (

Area: near Soda Springs

Step: Drafting Options

What YOU Can Do: Prepare for public comment on options. Gather and submit your travels in this area to us to confirm your routes are included when the options and inventory are published for comments.

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