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We are about creating inclusive events that foster a love for our public lands and all who are affected by them. 

All our events have two main goals:

  • Raising awareness about the challenges outdoor recreation faces.

  • Taking action to help keep outdoor recreation alive and fun for everyone. 

Scroll down to see if any of our upcoming events speak to you!

Fill Out The Waiver

This waiver states that if injury occurs while you are at the event, we are not responsible. Safety is our number one priority, but you are always responsible for your own safety. When we host events like clean ups, trail rides, or other outdoor activities there is always the possibility of dangerous materials, slips trips and falls, or other potential causes of injury. 

This waiver also gives us the right to take pictures and use them on our website and other social media.

If you would like to attend an event with us, please take the time to fill out the form and submit it to us (either electronically by email or you can give us the paper copy when we see you next). Waiver coming soon!

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