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Volunteer With Us

We are always looking for new volunteers to help us coordinate and plan events, interacting with the public, sending emails, doing research, or anything else that may suit whatever talents you may have. 

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Our Volunteers Must Be:

  • At least 18 years old or accompanied by an adult

  • Respectful, especially when talking to people who might have different opinions

  • Familiar with or willing to learn about the challenges facing public recreation today

  • Dedicated to helping both conservation efforts and public recreation rights

  • Hardworking

  • Comfortable in the outdoors

  • Open-minded

  • Resourceful

  • Independent

  • Communicative



While we try to work with our volunteers to let them do what aligns best with their talents, all volunteers are expected to contribute in meaningful ways. 

We also understand the difficulties of the world we live in and want to make sure that people all across the mountain west can contribute so we do offer fully remote volunteering as well as in-person and hybrid options. 

Communication is of the utmost importance between us and the volunteers and while we understand life can get complicated, volunteers are expected to be active communicators and make a valiant effort to attend all meetings discussing the projects they're involved with. 



We welcome all types of volunteers, and if you need your hours recorded we welcome that too! 

All those who volunteer at 3+ events or 15 full hours will get one year of membership 50% off.

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If you would like to volunteer with us please follow the three steps below!

We look forward to working with you!


Read and sign our volunteer waiver

This waiver states that if injury or death occurs while you are volunteering with us, we are not responsible. Safety is our number one priority, but you are always responsible for your own safety. When we host events like clean ups, trail rides, or other outdoor activities there is always the possibility of dangerous materials, slips trips and falls, or other potential causes of injury. 

This waiver also gives us the right to take pictures and use them on our website and other social media.

If you would like to volunteer please take the time to fill out the form and submit it to us (either electronically by email or you can give us the paper copy when we see you next).

Waiver coming soon!


Check out our upcoming events

See what events we have coming up, and which ones peak your interests. 

If you would like to volunteer without a particular event in mind please don't hesitate to reach out!


Reach out 

If you would like to volunteer please go to out contact page to get in touch with us. Be sure to include what events you would like to volunteer for (if any), and what you would like to do or what you think your talents are.

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