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Mountain West Recreation Alliance

Fostering Responsible Recreation

We'd like to thank Truma for agreeing to be our Mountain Sponsor for the Initial Point Clean Up (April 27th), the Challis Trail Summit (May 18th), and the Thurman Creek Bridge Project at Harriman State Park (June 15th & 16th).


Our Purpose

Protecting Outdoor Recreation

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting our public lands through raising awareness and taking action. Our events are designed to facilitate open-minded discussion and inspire people to take positive action to protect and clean up our public lands. 

Everyone is

C'mon hikers, bikers,

Lonely Bone Road hitchhikers; 

Snow machiners, razor riders,

People's with fat bike tires;

Hunters, horse riders,

Off-road vehicles with big grip tires;

Travelers, floaters,

And those who float with motors;

Snowshoers, skiers,

And the wonderful bee keepers; 

Stargazers, meditators,

And those who love the bond with nature;

Farmers, ranchers,

And those we call the private landers;

Enthusiasts, creators,

And in and outta staters; 

Wanderers, loggers,

And lonely Bone Road joggers.

Literally everyone is welcome!

We all own a role in preserving the great outdoors!


Impact Report for 2024

When we say we take action we mean it. Here's our proof!


New Members


Total Events


 Total Pounds of Garbage Cleaned Up



Event Attendance


Total Hours of Service


Goal: 150

Goal: 20

Goal: 10,000lbs

Goal: 3,000

Goal: 500

Last Updated: 4/15/2024


The MWRA has always had help from outside businesses and organizations.

We could not have accomplished what we have today without help and collaboration from others.

Click below to see who our partners are or see how you can become one today!

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